Card & Board Games

Random collection of games I have made for my family and friends.

Updated Nov. 2016

  Game Design Class Course syllabus for Cogswell College and CMU's ETC program. Updated Jan. 2017
  GDC 2016 Slides Design Jam presentation (Education Summit) Mar. 2016
  GDC 2015 Slides "game < design" and Design Jam cards Mar. 2015
  GDC 2014 Slides "World of Rulecraft" and character sheets. Mar. 2014
  GDC 2013 Slides "Simulating a City - One Page at a Time" Apr. 2013
  GDC 2012 Slides "Designing Games for Game Designers" Mar. 2012
  GDC 2011 Slides "15 Games in 15 Years" Mar. 2011
  GDC 2010 Slides "One Page Designs" Apr. 2010
  GDC 2009 Slides "Paper Prototypes of Spore" Apr. 2009
  Game Connection 2015 Preproduction Workshop Oct., 2015
  Game Connection 2011 Goal Cards, Obstacle Pong, Card Wars, 100 Zombies, Us vs. It Dec., 2011
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