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Listen: KFJC Radio - Video Game Songs Nov. 28, 2021  
  Sprites   Pac Man Fever Little Darla Has a Treat For You V. 25  
  Barnes & Barnes   I Had Sex With Pac-Man So Bold...  
  Pine Hill Haints, The   Mrs. Pac-Man Magik Sounds of The Pine Hill Haints, The  
  Migrant Motel   Donkey Kong Donkey Kong - Single  
  Random Encounters   Super Mario Bros. The Musical Super Mario Bros. The Musical - Single  
  Li-chin Li   Mario Brothers The Power of Sheng  
  Teminite & MDK   Space Invaders Space Invaders - Single  
  Reed, Lou   Down at the Arcade New Sensations  
  Video Games Live   Tetris Opera Level 3  
  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince   Human Videogame He's The DJ I'm The Rapper  
  Little Toni Marsh   Video Burnout Star-Funk, Vol. 6  
  Freezepop   i Am Not Your Gameboy Fancy Ultra-Fresh  
  MC Frontalot Final Boss Final Boss