Print 5 times    
  Download all images in one large zip file (9.7 MB)
  There are 38 spells total:    
  1 Anti-Magic    
  4 Protect    
  8 Haste    
  5 Control (1 super, 2 line, 1 connect)
  5 Freeze (1 super, 2 line, 1 connect)
  5 Switch (1 super, 2 line, 1 connect)
  5 Telekinesis (1 super, 2 line, 1 connect)
  5 Teleport (1 super, 2 line, 1 connect)

Note: For best results you should print these with an art program that lets you adjust print resolution. Set the resolution to 266 pixels/inch if you would like the standard size cards (2.5" x 3.5").

If you don't have an art program then you can print directly from your web browser. Set your print options to scale the artwork to 24% for standard cards.

It is recommended you print on the heaviest card stock that you can fit through your printer. I use 110 lb. paper and glue the fronts to the backs.

If you want to save a lot of time then don't print the backs and instead insert the fronts into card sleeves (available at any comic or card shop). You can make the cards feel thicker by sliding a regular playing card into the sleeve behind the spell card.