These are some pieces from the board game that is almost finished. You must eat food and grow while battling other nanobots. The first nanobot to grow 4 body segments wins.

Click here for the current rules.


The game is still being tuned, but is making rapid progress. It starts out very simple but gradually increases in complexity as the nanobots grow in size and gain more abilities. There are a lot of combos and we have only scratched the surface during the initial play tests.

Here's the current turn order:

1. Check for victory. If you have 4 connected segments and at least 1 part of each type (mover, mouth, eye and limb) then you win.

2. Pick a nanobot that you control and activate it. You can activate its body once (regardless of the number of segments) and each of its parts once. Do this for each nanobot you control.

3. Spawn food.

4. End your turn.


  The laser cut pieces are made of plastic and then a colored sticker is placed on top.