Zombies have overrun the earth and humanity's last hope lies hidden inside an advanced military research facility. There, deep underground, you and your companions race against time to build and test the ultimate in zombie eradication weaponry. Will your robotic machines be powerful enough to eradicate the zombie scourge and make the planet safe again? There's only one way to find out. Open the doors to the lab and let the zombies in...it's time for a field test!

In W.Z.D. each player is attempting to prove that his or her robot is the best zombie killing machine. Zombies flood into the lab from all sides while the robots take turns executing their programs. When the last zombie has been destroyed and the smoke has cleared the player with the highest kill count wins!

Check out some images of the laser cut board.



1. Programming phase

  • All players do these 3 steps in order simultaneously:
    • Discard any number of cards from their hands.
    • Draw back up to their hand size. (Usually 3 cards, but it can be increased.)
    • Place one card face down into any 1 of the 6 slots in front of them.

2. Execution phase

  • Staring with the main player, each player executes all of his or her robot's commands in order. Start from slot 1 and continue to slot 6.

3. Zombie phase

  • The main player rolls a die to determine which direction the zombies move.
    • 1-4: All zombies move 1 square unless they are blocked by walls, robots or other zombies.
    • 5-6: Mutation. Place a new zombie adjacent to every other zombie already in play.
  • Zombies spawn into empty corner squares.
  • Zombies attack all robots that are adjacent.

4. End of turn.

  • The player to the left of the current main player become the main player for the next turn.




  WZD cards (PDF file, 4.84 MB)  
  WZD board (PDF file, ~1 MB)  
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  Steve Desilets, a game designer friend of mine, has started work on a Java version of W.Z.D. Check it out.