Statistics and Probability Dice Games
    1. OBJECT: Produce at least one roll of 1 on each turn to become the last remaining player in the game.
    2. PLAY: One player begins, then play proceeds clockwise. The first player throws all six dice. Later players may have fewer dice.
      • If you throw at least one 1, you are fine. Set aside all the 1s and pass the rest of the dice on to the next player.
      • If you roll nothing but 1s, recover all the dice and pass them all to the next player.
      • If you don't roll any 1s, you fail and pass the dice to the next player.
      In the course of a game, a six line house is drawn for each player. Each time you fail, a line is added to your house. When your house is complete, and you fail again, your house is struck my lightning and you are out of the game. Last one still in the game wins.

    1. OBJECT: Avoid throwing 1s and be the first player to reach 100.
    2. PLAY: One player begins and then the game progesses clockwise. On your turn throw the die:
      • If you roll a 1, you lose a turn and don't score.
      • If you roll any other number, you receive the corresponding points.
      As long as you receive points, you can throw again. Your turn ends in the following way.
      • If you decide to finish your turn before you roll a 1, score your accumulated points on the score pad. They are safe for the rest of the game.
      • If you roll a 1, you lose your turn and lose your accumulated points.
      Record all scores. First to reach 100 wins.